Monday, July 11, 2011

At Last!

I'm back in the blogging world (and blogger is giving me a hard time)! It has taken some doing since I am so grumpy about having my site look exactly as I want it. But I think I am pretty close.
I've come back to blogging as many of my friends in scrapbooking are getting into it. I love seeing everyone else's work and being able to share this way since we don't always get time to see one another. I also really missed archiving the daily happenings in our life. I have a super bad memory, so a blog becomes my way of keeping things straight and writing things down. I just never get around to actually putting pen to paper and I spend so much time on the computer that this is a no brainer.
I hope you all will join me in this adventure and enjoy my crazy rambling stories. Since I am still in the process of getting some new scrap pages done (and my other recent work is hidden behind crazy kids clutter in the basement due to a little bit of basement flooding), I thought I would share a few of my old pages that I have images of on my computer. These are all pre-mamahood and might be a little rough around the edges but that is what I love about scrapbooking- it's a journey and a learning experience.
One of me as a little one. I've only done a few pages about myself growing up. I would like to do an album about myself but considering I haven't even scrapped my wedding yet, we'll see if it happens.
Me & my DH. Not a lot to this page but the sentiment is there. Going to be doing another page with this photo again in the future since I don't really scrap this size (originally did this layout for a challenge).
Above is furbaby #2 as a kitten: Jack.
Below is furbaby #3making sure he doesn't get left behind during his second move (poor baby has moved 3 times): Fife.

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  1. Yay! Paula is blogging! These layouts are wonderful...and you know I envy your photography skills :) Awesome work!