Monday, July 18, 2011

The Saga

The saga of my basement continues. Lots of you know that we had some isues awhile back during the first big rain week when water came in through the windows in the basement. After reinforcing the windows and pulling up the carpet in K's play area as well as pulling back the carpet under the other two windows to replace the underpad, we thought we had it pretty well licked. Apparently not.
The last big rain week showed us that we still had a leak on the large side wall of the basement. After doing some investigating, it turns out we have a crack in the foundation. The basement is entirely finished so finding the crack was no small feet. The crack is small but the water seeps in slowly, goes down the wall and pools at the bottom. Not cool. A good stroke of luck for us is that our neighbour's Dad is a general contractor who has fixed these types of issues before. We are hoping to talk with him sometime this week to get his opinion and get things going on fixing the issue.
In the meantime, the basement is a complete shambles. The carpet is still pulled back along two walls, furniture and stuff is in piles everywhere and the cats have taken it upon themselves to make things even worse by continually "marking" the basement carpet. We are thinking now that we may replace the flooring down there entirely and put in the laminate that we put in K's playroom (or something along those lines). Easier clean up would be great and I can't take the smell down there! No matter what I try, it doesn't go away.
Now with the warm weather, I am definitely missing the coolness of the basement and my space to work on scrapbooking. K is missing his playroom and his run around space and A is missing having his man cave (both his tv area and his office space- most of K's toys etc. are in his office). We did manage to clear out some of the toys this evening as the floor in K's playroom is done and I was able to access some of my scrap supplies (insert "Hallelujah" chorus here). That's right! I got some scrapping done tonight (upstairs of course) so I should have something to post tomorrow. Just have to put some finishing touches on my page.

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  1. Yikes! So sorry to hear about your troubles, Paula, but I think most of Edmonton is having water problems in their houses! Pretty soon we'll be growing gills!